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Creative Soul is a bespoke agency dedicated to placing your business firmly in the future – before it even arrives. Armed with in-depth knowledge and years of writing, styling, presenting and future forecasting experience for global brands, our passion lies in providing wonderfully immersive stories, products and experiences for future-oriented companies. Our aim is to ensure our clients attain the emotional reach of an exceptional experience -

simply by turning a page, or a corner.



Armin Morbach

Forecast Services


Missing the big picture? A product needs a story, we are experts in creating the right one for you.


Don’t know where to start? We can help you. Ask for our well-researched advice.

Research & Analysis

Creativity without concept is just a bunch of pretty pictures. All of our work includes facts & figures that explain the why.

Seasonal Trends

Need to know the trends before they are on the catwalk? Our reports will show you the way forward.

Customized Studies & Reports

Request a study or report tailored to your specific needs.

Customer Presentations

Sick of being the show pony? Invite our experts to inspire your customers with new perspectives.

Creative Concepts

Looking for a wholistic approach? Concept creation and on-site creative direction will make your campaign a success.


Writing Services

Copywriting, Feature Writing,
Online Copy, Proofreading

Aesthetic Services

Creative Direction 
Editorial & Advertising campaigns

Interior Styling & Design

Fashion Styling
Sourcing  (Interior & Fashion)
Product & Packaging Consulting

Colour Consulting


Presenting Services

Key Speaker:

Swarovski CGB | Dubai

Customer events/Swarovski Professional | Milan, Madrid and Singapore

Guest Speaker:

Customer events/Swarovski Professional | London, Paris, Athens, Bangkok and Tokyo

Fashion Week | Dubai

CGB International Sales Event | Dubai

Trade Fair Event | China

Ritz Carlton/WGSN Event | Turkey

Kristal Elma Festivali | Turkey

Customer Event | USA

Technology Conference | London

Event Management Services Marrakesh

Location sourcing, Guiding,
Event Styling & Organisation,
Shopping Tours, Itineraries

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