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Creative Soul was created from a 25-year love affair with the written word and a strong belief in the emotional power of visual language.  It is the passionate outcome of an Australian Editor and Creative Director’s dream, as she followed her heart to the magic of Morocco.



Studio Mierswa-Kluska



Owner & Creator

A very proud Australian who has lived overseas for most of her adult life, Lee spent many years in London writing for the BBC, before returning to Australia and assuming a top-level career in magazine publishing. Years later she returned to Europe to live in Austria - which was confusing to seemingly all of Europe - to head a crack Trend Intelligence team for a major international brand.
An expert in the written word, with a multi-faceted career in media, marketing, and international publishing, she is obsessed with trends, storytelling, interior design and new experiences, which may be the reason why she has moved to Marrakesh where she is pursuing a new world of creative endeavours.


Language Guru & Magician

A French native who speaks fluent English, German, French and Moroccan, Andre can translate and magic up absolutely anything. Nothing excites him more than discovering the new and next to help your business attain that elusive edge. From translations and on-brand storytelling, location and event management, to incredible interior design and accessory sourcing, Andre is passionate about connecting people and experiences to evoke a lasting, lifetime impression.


Our Principles

#01      We are passionate about achieving the best result.

#02      We are a small team with a big ego … we mean expertise.

#03      We make it our business to create new insights.

#04      We don’t follow, we lead.

#05      We always make our deadline (just).

#06      We have rather a lot of experience.

#07      For us knowledge really is power.

#08      We believe that good concepts are sacred.

#09     We are only satisfied when we get it right.

#10     We want to surprise you, as well as ourselves.

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